Meloetta – Stats, Type, Abilities, Height, Weight, Strength, Weakness

Meloetta is normal type species with pokedex number 648. It is from generation 5 and also called Melody Pokemon. Meloetta has Serene Grace ability, height 0.6 m and weight 6.5 kg. Meloetta Japanese name is Meloetta (step Forme)メロエッタ.


Meloetta Stats

Typenormal psychic
ClassificationMelody Pokemon
Pokédex Number648
AbilitiesSerene Grace
Height0.6 m
Weight6.5 kg
Gender0% Male 100% Female
Capture Rate3

Base Stats

Special Attack77
Special Defense77
Base Happiness100
Base Egg Steps30720

Against Attack

This table shows the amount of damage taken by Meloetta against an attack of a particular type. This data also shows Meloetta strengths and weaknesses.

Against Bug2
Against Dark2
Against Dragon1
Against Electric1
Against Fairy1
Against Fight1
Against Fire1
Against Flying1
Against Ghost0
Against Grass1
Against Ground1
Against Ice1
Against Normal1
Against Poison1
Against Psychic0.5
Against Rock1
Against Steel1
Against Water1

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